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PUPA’s Cosmetic Treatments support the Umberto Veronesi Foundation

The Umberto Veronesi Foundation was funded in 2003 to patronize scientific research through research grants - for doctors and researchers - and support of very high profile projects.
The promoters are scientists - among them there 6 are Noble Prize Winners - who form the Honours Committee, the efforts of which are internationally recognized.
Also, the Foundation is active on Divulgation of Scientific Information, to make sure that scientific results and findings become available to everyone through large conferences with international speakers, projects for schools, awareness campaigns and publications.
This is an ambitious project, and to reach its goals it works in synergy with schools, with public and private organizations in the research field, and with the world of information.

Umberto Veronesi, Founder
Paolo Veronesi, President  

Research Grants
The “made in Italy” research and women
Pupa has always been recognized for its Italian soul, which is now also dedicated to Italian research.
Pupa finances one of Umberto Veronesi Foundation Research Grants, supporting a young woman researcher.